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resources on ICT for development

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here there are some resources on using information and communication technologies. resources that i am collecting during my reasearch. i would mostly appreciate any comment/suggestion and any sort of contribution. just drop me an email at

the material is organized into four categories: projects, documents, entities and events. each entry has a unique id, which is linkable from other pages. for example the link to document with id=143 is from these pages you will find links to digital versions of the documents on their original sites. i do not provide them for download directly from my site because the material might be protected by restrictive copyright. to this regard, attention should be posed for any use of the material thet here i only reference for documentary pourpose. (ugh.. how better would it be if anyone shared his/her intellectual production freely with others!)

for each record, the information provided and the format used is explained in the following:

  • projects field experiences and concrete activities.

    format [id] name of the organization, link to the main web site, project description (country) last update.

  • documents reports, thesis, articles, case studies.

    format [id] author name link to the document, publisher (year) last update.

  • entities different actors on the scene, including ngos, international orgs, private companies, governamental agencies.

    format [id] name of the entity link to the main web site, entity description (country) last update.

  • events upcoming meetings and conferences

    format [id] date, link to the main web site, venue (country) last update.


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