about this site

the author

this is me. as you could have expected, this being my blog.

if you know what this means, you might be interested also in my PGP key and fingerprints.

about capital letters

some years ago i happened to meet E. E. Cummings poems. from him i stole the idea of not using capital letters for the “i” pronoun and i extended it to everything else. since then, i generally do not use capital letters at all, except when referring to somebody else’s name.

about english

sometimes i write in english because i have many friends that do not understand italian and all my italian friends speak and write english much better than me. so please be patient and forgive all my mistakes…

about this website

i finally decided to give up vi and start using wordpress… 😉 the photo on the top of every page is kailash beach, south india, in december 2007.

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