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[photo] there is a bug in my disk


it’s been a while since i was seeing ants on my desk, passing over my laptop. i never paid special attention since here we have ants more or less everywhere. but then i realised that they must have built a colony somewhere close to my desk since that was the only place where i was seeing them. and finally last night i discovered: after leaving a bottle of beer on the desk for some time (less than 1 hour), i found it completely covered with red ants. a red moving carpet was coming back and forth to the bottle from my external hard drive! i could not believe it. did that mean that the colony was actually inside my disk? i decided to open it and this is what i found out:

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new media in india and morocco

after a long silence, here are some news from two countries that i consider my second homes. the news are somewhat old, but this website is not a newspaper, it is simply my blog and i do what i want. here they go:

  1. from le, the announcement that morocco and india are “le vedettes” of information technology in the offshoring sector. i have not yet decided whether this is a good news of not for morocco and india. probably mine is a stupid question. it is not good nor bad. it is simply a fact. however, the article is worth reading.
  2. from LSDI (quoting the new york times) india media corporations have started acquisitions of foreign groups. somebody says this is just the beginning.
  3. berlusconi is not happy enough with all the probems that he causes to italy, so he is planning to go a bring some “modernity” also in the maghreb. mediaset (berlusconi’s tv) will participate (25%) in nessma tv, a maghreb saltellite TV.
  4. last, but not least here is a google map of community radios in india. nice!