about me

things i do or have done recently…

…on development cooperation

i currently work for ciai, an italian ngo active since 1968 on child protection and child rights.

i have managed a projects in india, morocco and albania for CIAI and COOPI.

…on ict for development

until march 2006, i was programme officer at unesco, for the communication and information sector in morocco, mauritania, algeria, tunisia and libya.

i was member of tanmia, a maroccan association whose mission is to promote the use of ict among maroccan ngo’s. tanmia was created within the framework of the development gateway initiative.

i prepared a research for the italian ngo cooperazione internazionale (coopi). you can see the two parts of my presentation: introduction on using ict for development and a survey of field experiences. as a result, i have prepared a few pages of resources on this subject, making a database of projects, entities, events and documents. these pages are no longer being maintained.

things that i have done some time ago…

…at sportello giuridico immigrazione

SGI is a web based law office for immigration related issues. about ten volunteers lawyers offer their professional experience for counseling on the italian situation of immigrants using a web browser. this allows the lawyers expertise to reach geographically remote users and the lawyers to be able to interact as in a real law office but without moving from their actual physical locations. the service is now being offered to caritas italiana and provincia di firenze. within this project i realized the software infrastructure.

…at amengià

in 1999 together with a group of friends, we founded amengià, a non profit organization. amengià’s mission is twofold. from one side, to increase the level of self consciousness of the roma people living in italy in order to foster their participation in the public life of the communities where they live. on the other side we also promote the sensibilization of italians towards the real problems of the roma people. we travelled around italy collecting many documents (interviews, video, photos) on the camps built by the italians for the roma. we now bring this documents in public meeting and schools.

…at arcobaleno

from 1996 to 2003 i was responsible for the research center of the associazione progetto arcobaleno, a non profit organization helping people in temporary situation of social disease. progetto arcobaleno is based in florence where it manages a shelter for homeless, a school of italian for immigrants and a law office. the association is active in support of people with problems related to substance abuse, prostitution, mental illness.

…on linux

as a member of the florence linux user group (flug), i take part at the organization of the florence linuxday. the first one in december 2001, on using gnu/linux in no-profit organizations, the second one in november 2003, on gnu/linux in developing countries, the third one in november 2004, on how to make money with free software.

…on computer science

from 1996 to 2003 i was researcher in the high performance computing lab (hpc-lab) of the institute for science and information technology (isti) of the italian national research council (cnr). my domain was data mining and high performance and distributed computing. you can find more information on it in my pdh thesis.

things i like to do, when i can

my podcast, play the guitar, think about theatre.

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