if you feel something inside yourself, like a strong urge to contact me for some reason, first thing you should do is ask yourself if that feeling was not the bad dinner you had last night. if the answer is no, and you really want to contact me, here is a few ways you can do that, at your own risk:

  • email. yes, i am an old fashioned (1.0 or even less) internet guy and i still consider email the best way to exchange information. if you remove _THIS_ from my address, you can write me here
  • skype. no,i don’t like it too much but sometimes it can be useful. you can find me under this id (guess what?): palmerini.
  • facebook. i am not “socially networked”, but sometimes i update my page.
  • linkedin. same as above.

whatever mean should you decide to use to let me know something about you, remember that you will always make me happy!

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