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he follows me

coming back from holidays is always a good moment for good purposes. when i came back to india from our last visit to italy, i decided, like a smoker, to reduce my daily consumption of “italy”: less italian websites, less italian newspapers, less concern in general about the country. a few days after, i was reading the hindu, one of the most popular newspaper here, a very well reputed one. you can tell it from the fact that normally you never find news about italy on the hindu, exept for some news on fiat (among other reasons, there is a negotiation ongoing for selling tata’s nano, the 2500 € car, in italy through fiat). but these days even the hindu cannot ignore this:


and so i found myself back again deep into the abuse of assumption of italian information… what a miserable condition.

new media in india and morocco

after a long silence, here are some news from two countries that i consider my second homes. the news are somewhat old, but this website is not a newspaper, it is simply my blog and i do what i want. here they go:

  1. from le, the announcement that morocco and india are “le vedettes” of information technology in the offshoring sector. i have not yet decided whether this is a good news of not for morocco and india. probably mine is a stupid question. it is not good nor bad. it is simply a fact. however, the article is worth reading.
  2. from LSDI (quoting the new york times) india media corporations have started acquisitions of foreign groups. somebody says this is just the beginning.
  3. berlusconi is not happy enough with all the probems that he causes to italy, so he is planning to go a bring some “modernity” also in the maghreb. mediaset (berlusconi’s tv) will participate (25%) in nessma tv, a maghreb saltellite TV.
  4. last, but not least here is a google map of community radios in india. nice!