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not only carla bruni

two news from france in the last weeks that  are  worth mentioning:

1. the creation of a new “independent, digital and participative” web media:, a news website, entirely independent from traditional media and highly open to external participation. access is only available through subscription (9 euro), but after only a few days from the official launch the number of subscribers exceeds 3.000!

2. from a relatively different sector, an interesting report on “governments and dominant positions in IT sector“. actually the conclusion of this report is quite obvious and well known: (a) monopolies are only possible if an explicit – yet possibly hidden – government policy allows them and (b) monopolies are bad both markets and for development.

internet freedom day without unesco.

unesco has not granted its patronage to the internet freedom day promoted by by reporters without borders (RSF). RSF has complained that unesco turn-back was due to the pressure by some of the countries included by rsf in the list of 15 enemies of internet freedom. according to RSF the worst enemies of the internet are belarus, burma, china, cuba, egypt, ethiopia, iran, north korea, saudi arabia, syria, tunisia, turkmenistan, uzbekistan, vietnam, and zimbabwe.

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